Saturday, November 27, 2004

Project: Cat Feeder

I live with three cats:



and Tux.

As you can probably tell, Tux likes to eat. He never gets full, so he has a habit of stealing food from the other cats after he finishes his bowl. The other two cats stop eating whenever they get full, so I needed a way to allow Slashdot and Dolby to eat as much as they like, while controlling Tux's access to the food.

To solve this problem, I used:

Concrete Blocks (2)

A small piece of wood I had lying around

Duck Tape


1. Start by taking one of the concrete blocks and covering the inner walls of one of the holes with duck tape, to make it nice and smooth (to prevent the cat from bleeding after use). Use more duck tape to block off the other hole, so the cat will only try to use the top one.

2. Attach a small piece of wood (1 to 2 feet long) to the top of the other concrete block using more duck tape, as shown in the photo below. The piece of wood should extend about 1-2 feet past the edge of the concrete block, perpendicular to the holes.

3. Place the first concrete block between two large appliances in your house (such as a washer and dryer, or fridge and stove), with the open hole on top. Place the other block on top of it, such that the wood touches the back wall and prevents feline entry from the top.

And voila! Dolby and Slashdot can eat all they like, while I can keep Tux on a strict diet of one small bowl of food a day.

Another bonus: Once Tux loses enough weight to fit through the concrete block, I can stop feeding him separately, as he will maintain the exact same weight automatically.


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