Saturday, July 24, 2004

Update: TV Viewing Arm

As everybody knows, today's computer monitors have extremely high resolution. Unfortunately, this means that the crappy resolution of my TV tuner card (as well as compression artifacts from movie files) becomes evident. So, sometimes one needs to take a step backward.

I remembered that my video card has S-video output, so I decided to replace the monitor with one of the spare TVs (a flat Apex) from the living room, and use the monitor as my second screen. This way, movies and XBOX games look as they should (i.e. blurry). And I get an extra two inches of viewing space. Woohoo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dave can you explain the use of the phoenix bios and the EEProm id's? Im trying to finish my install but this part is thwarting me...

7:19 AM  
Blogger Dave said...


The easiest way to install Phoenix is to find a signed package, which will include the RC4/eeprom keys in the boot.cfg file. I used DC's Font Hack package originally. Since then, however, I've replaced that with the "Ernie & Bert Reloaded" exploit and PBL-Lite (which is a miniaturized version of Phoenix that loads much quicker).

To pull this off, you need to find 2 files in the usual places: ernie_and_bert_reloaded.tgz (which is the font exploit you'll want to use), and PBL-Lite.rar (a signed, mini version of Phoenix that also includes the Xecuter2 bios version 4981.67 and comes with the rc4/eeprom keys already set up in the config file). So all you need to do is follow the installation instructions at (which is quite easy, though it involves using a hex editor). Make sure you don't screw this part up, otherwise your xbox may not boot. :)

Once you've got the font hack and Phoenix installed, you should install EvolutionX (if you haven't done so already). Then you can follow this guide to link back to the MS Dashboard from EvolutionX: (note: more hex editing).

When it's all said and done, you will turn on your XBOX, and EvolutionX will immediately boot up instead of the MS Dashboard. But you will be able to get to your old MS Dashboard from EvolutionX. XBOX Live will be disabled.

Once you have that working, you may want to grab X2_4983_BFM.rar (the latest version of the Xecuter2 bios), which is what I use. After replacing the bios, the RC4 key in your Phoenix boot.cfg file will stay the same, but you'll need to update the eeprom keys (which I can't give you, for legal reasons). Or you could switch to a different bios entirely, but remember that only BFM (boot from media) versions of bioses will work, because you're not running them off of a modchip. Or you can do nothing and just stick with version 4981.

Good luck,

P.S.: A word about the Bert & Ernie Reloaded font hack: The XBOX has a really crappy battery, which means that if it's left unplugged for more than a few hours, it forgets what time/day it is. Normally, when the XBOX realizes this has happened, it simply loads the MS Dashboard and asks you to set the clock. But since the MS Dashboard has been replaced by EvoX, this is no longer possible. So, the Bert & Ernie Reloaded hack automatically sets the date to July 4th every time you boot your XBOX. This isn't really a problem, unless you play games where it matters what the time/day is for saved games. The good news is, EvoX automatically goes onto the Internet to find the time/day and sets the clock for you whenever it loads. So if you load EvoX on boot, you're all set. But if you boot straight to a game disc (without loading EvoX first), then the XBOX will still think it's July 4th.

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